We specialize in the look of natural stone.  We use a proven technique and products that have been specially developed for the type of concrete products we create.  We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with the look, durability, and smooth clean surface of your concrete.

With concrete you can have a curve in your island countertop, an integrated sink, and an attractive edge mold.  If you have a particular interest, theme or business we can work with you to develop a design to incorporate that into the look.

With Vick Concrete Countertops you will only pay for the product and services you receive.  With some products, such as granite, you may be charged for entire slabs of materials instead of only what you will use.  Some other companies also have additional charges for things such as installation. Please take these into consideration when comparing prices and services.

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Concrete Countertops
Concrete Countertops

Initially we will go to the location to measure and visit with the customer to design the concrete product you desire.  Then we will provide you with an estimate that will include EVERYTHING, there will be no hidden fees or additional charges for anything such as installation. After the customer decides to begin we will return to template the job (and there will be no destruction of your space at that time!). If any changes occur in what you would like to do, we will discuss the costs associated with those changes at that time.  The product will be created in our shop and the finished product will be delivered personally by us.  If we need to remove any existing materials we will do so the same day that we install your new concrete.  We may have to return for finishing touches but for the most part your concrete product will be ready to use the same day or within a day of installation. Of course if it is a large job it could take a little longer within reason.

Our concrete products are custom hand-crafted and unique, making the cost of each job vary.  We strive to be affordable and to serve you with a beautiful high quality product that you will be proud to own.  We will be happy to give you an estimate to allow you to compare. 


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